Assembled in a lab and kept hidden away for years, Frank has finally escaped his shackles and is among us for the first time. Being the party animal he is, Frank loves nothing more than dressing up and going out – He has a wide variety of costume choices too thanks to a recent raid on his creators wacky wardrobe… If you ask him nicely he might let you take a selfie but whatever you do, don’t touch his ears!

I’m Frank is a new NFT community created by YourFaceHere and NFTBoom and is available on opensea. Consisting of 10,000 unique Franks residing on the $Matic network. The project started October 29th, 2021 and at only a few months old and this project has shown impressive growth. When you visit their website you will be invited to find your frank! Here you can also do other things like check out the detailed Roadmap or check your franks rarity! I’m frank seems to be community driven and according to fellow franks in the discord they have been extremely active in the community with giveaways to holders and other fun engaging activities in the discord. Is this the next opensea NFT gem?

Brand new unreleased Roadmap image!


Since October with a initial price of .005 ETH it now sits at a floor of .03 ETH showing a 500% increase that is showing no signs of slowing down! Sales charts on opensea have been showing steady growth that looks like it is preparing to go parabolic. Some other stats from the api show as:

one day volume: 1.2970400000000004
one day change: 0.44051532652154596
one day sales: 44
one day average_price: 0.029478181818181827
seven day volume: 4.054607999999997
seven day change: -0.04891489580799558
seven day sales: 170
seven day average_price: 0.02385063529411763
thirty day volume: 13.587702327699947
thirty day change: 1.9281269267928833
thirty day sales: 822
thirty day average price: 0.016530051493552248
total volume: 18.23210988768998
total sales: 1597
total supply: 10000
num owners: 892
average price: 0.011416474569624283
market cap: 238.50635294117632
floor price: 0.03

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